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sassy's Journal

aesthetics of astonishment
"sincerity is not enough", (parenthetical asides), 12 galaxies, aromatherapy, babylon 5, beatniks, being a goddess, being mysterious, bibliosexuality, blues, bonnie raitt, books, cacophony society, cecil adams, celtic pagan, chaos, chaos magick, cleavage, cooking, dan millman, diana rigg, discordia, discordianism, dive bars, divination, dopefests, emperor norton, eris, essential oils, eternal champion, femme fatales, film noir, fnord, frank chu, frugal living, furthur, gnosis, gnosticism, gnostism, gonzo journalism, green witchcraft, hagbard celine, herbalism, howl, i wish for peace, illuminati, immanentizing the eschaton, infornography, irish, irish mythology, jimmy buffett, john hiatt, kallisti, kissyface, kitchen magick, law of fives, libraries, library thing, linguistics, living juicy, lou reed, magic, mr. shouty, mundane pointless stuff, neil gaiman, neopaganism, odd bodkins, operation mindfuck, pagan, pantheosexuality, parenthetical asides, penguins, pie, pogo, pranksters, principia discordia, rants, reading, redhead, rob brezsny, robert anton wilson, robert earl keen, rock'n'roll, sacred chao, sacred cow tipping, san francisco, san francisco giants, sark, science fiction, scorpio, sdmb, snoopy, snuggles, straight dope, straight dope message board, succulence, sweet potato queens, synchronicity, technopaganism, technoshamanism, teeming millions, the avengers, the drivetime, timothy leary, tricksters, trogdor, unaboard, unitarian jihad, urban magic, urban shamanism, used book stores, velvet underground, weebl and bob, wes "scoop" nisker, wicca, wordless wonder, zegnatronic rocket society